Is Coconut Water Good for Diabetes? The Answer and More!

Many people think that it is a healthy drink even for diabetics, as coconut water is low in calories, free of artificial sweeteners, and high in fiber.

However, according to Dr Pradeep Judge, Diabetologist, Shreya Diabetes Center, Mumbai, people suffering from diabetes can consume coconut water only occasionally, if their sugar level is well managed.

Is Coconut Water Good for Diabetes? The Answer and More!

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There is not enough vitamin C in coconut water.

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and maintaining a healthy immunity. Vitamin C is also needed to make collagen in the body, which is known to make blood vessels flexible.

The amount of fiber in coconut water is low.

The best thing about coconut water is that it does not contain any carbohydrates. In fact, they contain the same amount of carbohydrates as a glass of orange juice. Coconut water is mostly water and contains 0% protein.

For diabetics, they should take coconut water in moderation as it will not worsen their glucose level. The body should not be able to absorb coconut water because most of the water in coconut water is retained by the flesh of the coconut.

While taking coconut water, it is advised to dilute it with water and drink it.
It is also important to note that the acid content in coconut water may prevent diabetics from absorbing the carbohydrates found in other healthy water sources. Doctor.

Can I Drink Coconut Water If I Have Diabetes?

Unfortunately, according to Dr. Judge, coconut water is not a good option for people with diabetes. “Coconut water has a high carbohydrate and glucose content, which are simple sugars, which means they have the highest carbohydrate content and the highest amount of insulin and corresponds to them,” said Dr. Judge. .
He adds: “This high carbohydrate content of course can be harmful in the blood and eventually lead to hypoglycemia, where the person receives very low blood sugar, leading to confusion, loss of focus and loss of focus. “

Coconut water is also high in fructose, he added, so we again have high carbohydrate levels, which can spike blood sugar. He said that too much fructose raises insulin levels, and the body doesn’t recognize insulin and starts producing more of it.


Research studies clearly indicate that coconut water can be a good option for diabetic patients to include in their diet. However, it should not be consumed as a normal drink. This can be an occasional treat to satisfy their craving.

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